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  1. Man, it's been a while...
  2. I may have a replacement by Thursday morning, if not I'll just do it on my phone bruv. Buzzin' for the first show!
  3. Like, by, Wednesday or Thursday really, bruv. Not good to hear about your laptop..

    Shows taking its sweet time due to the fact that its all a bit new to me lol. Its coming along real nice, though, so it'll be worth the wait
  4. So yeah, my laptop's fucked, and writing the promo with my phone will takes me fookin' ages. When is the latest you will need it sent to you?
  5. I'll have that SDK promo to you asap man , Uni work is kicking my fucking arse right now.
  6. He was meant to be sending out assignments.. I haven't got mine yet lol. I'll speak to him then get back to you, bruv.
  7. Naa I try to avoid that guy ( I kid, Jose )

    But naa I haven't mate, why?
  8. I dunno, bruv--you spoke to Jose?
  9. Skare Dem Krew, is it too late to do it?
  10. Cheers geezer!
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