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  1. It's banging, bruv... Banging.
  2. The stuff I sent you okay rude boii?
  3. ASAAAAAAAAAAAPPP! U legend! Quick! Hurry!
  4. Only just got back from college so only just read your pm, I'll have it sent to you in the next half hour.
  5. Like, really as quick as poss. Um, I'm a PM you real quick.
  6. Bruv quick question, when's Mayhem? Internet fucked up yesterday so couldn't send you anything so I need to know the latest I can send you it
  7. Resend me your promo, bruv... FUCK!!!!! I, um, deleted it.
  8. Ah I was gonna ask you to do something like that, good stuff!

    and the wing is much better now, sudden movements hurt like a bitch but getting better everyday.
  9. Bruva man, I'm typing up a little list of shoots I like, but I'm getting PM'd here thick and fast!! BtW.. How's the wing, and ting?
  10. Shite only just realised you sent me that last pm, i'l do it now.
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