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  1. Regarding the actors playing Michonne and The Governor, respectively.

    Michonne has been very poorly cast. What makes comic Michonne so bad ass is that she actually looks a lot softer than she actually is. She is very much introverted, due to her experiences dealing with life after the plague, but she is still quite a civil person (sword swinging aside lol). This chick who's playing her on TV comes across as some kind of lost amazon who has almost reverted to an almost bestial state, what with all of the scowling. Lol, when she pulls those faces I almost expect her to start growling and snarling. I imagine the actress playing her said to herself "right, soooo, this Michonne woman has been living in the wild for the past year or so, OK, she'd deffo have lost touch with her humanity a little/lot."

    I wonder if she even read/heard of the comic beforehand.
  2. No, I never heard that until just now, dude. Like, I didn't know that he was even involved with season three until I saw you point if out. What I did I notice however was that -from the first episode of this season- the show had finally captured the essence of what makes the comic so exciting. Each scene was carefully plotted out, and furthered things along remarkably well. Now, not really knowing why or how this betterment of the program had happened, I just thought to myself "yep, they've certainly pulled their finger out for this season--clearly they've just stuck it back in.

    Fingers crossed for s suitable replacement.
  3. Dude, did you hear that the show-runner, Glen Mazzara, who made Walking Dead's season 3 genuinely good is already leaving the show at the end of the season over "creative differences"? Yeah, the show remains the highest-rated scripted series on television in the coveted 18-49 demographic, and they're still trying to slash the budget again. They're seemingly intent on driving the fucker right into the ground.

    Fuck an AMC, man.
  4. I must say, though: As much as I've generally been enjoying the new season, I'm not real enthusiastic about Michonne and The Governor. Michonne is one of the books' coolest characters, and they've really missed the mark with her. Not only is her anger and distrust completely clunky and on the nose, but I also don't think the actress playing her is really nailing the physical component, either. Like, she looks like she exercises and all, but I don't buy her as legitimately bad-ass. She does her damnedest to put on her tough-girl face, but it just doesn't ring true (for me, anyways).

    And while David Morrissey is no doubt a fine actor, I'm just never going to buy him as The Governor. I don't see them slapping an eye-patch on him really doing all that much to change things, either.
  5. Yeah, the TV incarnation of Glenn is, like, the only character that I think the tv show not only got right, but also somehow improved upon (of course, Daryl also rocks, but he wasn't in the comics). I don't think the disparity between the quality of the two versions is that big, but I can kind of see where Kirkman is coming from.

    I like that Kirkman is stepping back and trying to give both the show and the comic their own respective identities. Going in fresh directions and righting some of his regrets, like taking Rick's hand so early in the story, strikes me as pretty smart, too. Hedging too close to the comics limits a lot of the storytelling opportunities, imo, plus it would just serve to make the show sort of redundant for those of us who have been following along with the books. I want to be surprised when I watch the show, so I really appreciate the effort being put in place to ensure that occasionally happens.
  6. I'm up to issue 104, and what happens at the end of that one has me chomping at the bit to download it later on today. Let's just say that things have definitely turned a page for the better.
  7. I too was sorry to see Glen go. When Negan was doing the eneey meeny miny mo thing I was thinking it was going to be him because he and Maggie were going to be moving to the Hilltop, and Kirkman loves being mean to his characters. Four months or so later, that scene still haunts me in a way that no other has. I'm sure I've seen more graphic shit in comics, but the emotion that that beating brought to the table just made the whole thing seem even worse.

    I don't know if you have heard or read any of Kirkmans reasoning behind offing such a popular character, but he wrote in his letters page that he felt "his" Glen had been upstaged by the TV shows Glen, and had become a pale imitation. Don't know if I agree with that really, but the TV show Glen is definitely one of its better members of the cast--here's hoping he doesn't suffer the same fate as his comic counterpart any time soon.
  8. I don't know if you've read up to #102 as well, but I'm dying to see what Rick has up his sleeve. This might be the most invested I've been in the series since the very beginning.
  9. Yeah, Negan has The Governor looking like a brisk jog through the park. I love his breaking of the 4th wall- much of Negan's rather chillingly hilarious dialogue seems to be Kirkman addressing his audience- and he seems poised to be the most compelling obstacle the group has had to overcome thus far. It's breathing new life back into a series I was getting ready to peg as being on a down-turn, too, so I'm pretty pumped.

    But, yeah, I was gutted with the way Glenn went out. He's been the most pure and genuinely heroic of all the characters, so it was pretty fucking devilish of Kirkman to have him go out in such a ridiculously brutal fashion. Like how you said that you could feel that first blow- yeah, I'm right there with you. Seeing that gash in his skull with that left eye popped out of its socket was one of the most viscerally affecting things I've ever come across in the comic book medium. Just nasty, emotionally draining shit (and I sort of loved it).
  10. Yeah, man. Wow, right?

    Lucille took no prisoners, right there. Like, that totally shocked the living shit out of me. That has to be the most brutal death of the entire series.

    Negan and his army kinda make The Governor and his town of misled followers seem like small fries in comparison. In other words, Mr Negan be the real Big Mac in TWD.

    Still, what a way to go, eh? I literally felt that first blow to the skull. Ouch.
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