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  1. Game Of Thrones rocked my world, man. Shame there wasn't more of the ice zombie things, but that part of the show is probably gonna dominate a good part of this season, so I can be patient.

    The stuff with Daenerys was as usual my favourite part of the show. Perhaps it's because the whole Dograthi deal is just so different to the usual medieval fare that has dominated this genre since its inception on TV. There's also the fact that she has fucking dragons--always winning in my nerdy book! Their inclusion in the series is also reminiscent of Steven Ericksons Tales of the Malazan, which is hands down my favourite piece of entertainment in any medium. Totally worth checking out if you're in any way a book reader. Speaking of books, and completely off topic, I recently listened to the audio of World War Z, which is a fantastic post zombie war survivors tale of immense proportions. Read it!
  2. A whole another season of The Governor doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Granted, he kinda sort of came into his own in the last three or so episodes, but for me, that was supposed to be the shows way of having him go out with a bang. Guess I was totally off there. Should have kept up with the happenings behind the scenes, eh?

    I'm probably the biggest Carl hater on the planet, so that totally would work for me. Failing that, there's always the whole getting half of his face blown off thing. That was a personal favourite moment of mine in the comic. Sadly, though, we both know this wont happen due to the obvious show limitations on how far they're willing to go.

    At least they offed the right person in Andrea. That shit was the TWD equivalent of a Cena heel turn @Mania for me
  3. They signed David Morrissey as a series regular for all next season, so they're apparently going to milk The Governor thing for everything it's worth. Which sucks. They need to put everything with Woodbury in their rear-view; that well is tapped. And it's hilarious how the season built to having a big character killed off...only for it to be fucking Andrea, which undermines the intended emotional pay-off of the whole thing because nobody friggin' cares about her! Yeesh.

    After the seeds planted with Carl last night, I genuinely hope they end up building to Rick having to put future-skin-suit-tailor Carl down. Keeping Judith alive just to give Rick a reason to live after having to do something like that would be alright with me.
  4. Why the fuck this episode never ended with the death of the governor I'll never know. Definitely ended with a whimper, which was a shame as this was definitely one of the strongest showings of the entire season. It was my hoping that Rick and Carl were going to leave the prison in the same sort of manner in which they left in the comic. Granted, that would have seen Judith somehow be killed off, which I just can't see happening in this PC version of events, but I can't be faulted for hoping. Here's hoping that this prison storyline is finished real early in the next season.

    I know that part of the TV series' "charm" is that it differs somewhat from the comic, but it's really gone off track in terms of how things are going down. That should be a good thing, but, unfortunately, this clearly ain't the case.
  5. Watching TWD now, and I can honestly say that I've never truly hated a TV character like I do Andrea. I'm over the moon that she got bit. I will say, though, this episode has been alright thus far. Final synopsis once it's finished.
  6. Just downloaded both, plus the latest Shameless. Will get back to you about all three once I've watched them. Honestly, I really wasn't expecting much from TWD, I mean, it's not like it's set the world on fire with this second part of the third season.
  7. Walking Dead finale was a bit of a wet fart. On the plus side, Game of Thrones was back and in fine form (I swear, the show is like The Wire in Middle-earth ).
  8. As I watched the first two seasons of the show before I started reading the comic, I was over the moon that things were not only different, but also better. Now that my finger is firmly on the pulse, and I'm up to date with every issue, I'm still over the moon that things are just as different, but now I find things slightly disappointing that the TV incarnation is not as good/graphic. I can't complain too much, though, as, well, the TV show can say that at least it has Daryl and Merle, who are clearly two of the best characters in any medium that TWD exists in. I wonder if ol' Kirky will finally ever give in and place them in the comic. He's teased Daryl's comic debut by having a crossbow on the front cover before, so I'm sure he's at least entertained the idea, but he's probably of the mind that he may not be able to match the characters appeal. Still, I'd love to see him give it a go as I was genuinely disappointed to learn that the two rednecks weren't a part of the comic.
  9. Issue 105 rocked, by the way. Like, it truly moved into new territory, and was completely and utterly engrossing. It obviously ended way too early for my liking but that's the price I must pay for reading it issue by issue lol.
  10. The Governor has unfortunately been kinda miscast as well. He's definitely not terrible in the role by a long shot, but, he just hasn't got that rough and ready feel about him like his comic counterpart. Comic 'Guv' had an almost "pirate" feel about him, and Morrisey is playing him like he's a soft spoken gentleman who has a mean streak about him. Perhaps I'm not wording things right, but he certainly hasn't captured what made The Governor such a brilliant character that he became a firm favourite among comic neeks (nerd + geek = neek ) everywhere, despite the extremely awful behaviour he exhibited throughout his all too short time in the comic. Its a shame, because I was excited when I learned Morrissey was cast in the role when I first heard about it.
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