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  1. Has anything simmered down yet, or is stuff just getting worse?
  2. Bro, I forgot to tell you, before Reeves Corner was burnt down, around 200 "man dem" MARCHED past my house wearing masks, balaclavas and hoodies.

    Thankfully the small parade of shops outside my house were spared destruction, and it is partly due to the fact that there are TWO West Indian food shops there that are run by some real heavies. These thugs are thick, but not that thick!
  3. The phone shops, sports shops and computer/home appliances shops have been hit the worst. There are stories of these groups of kids breaking into places like Foot Locker and trying the trainers on before stealing them!

    I imagine there are many people stocking up on supplies (and bullets) as the fear that most normal people have for this situation is rising by the hour.

    I just went past a pawn shop and the windows had been completely smashed in, and the 24 hr superstore was closed, so I'm just now really seeing the full effects of what went down in my area last night.

    I honestly don't think things would be this bad if our police had more rights (being able to carry guns would be a start).
  4. Can you actually hear stuff going down outside your place? Just how close is it to you?
  5. It's organised nocturnal rioting and when the sun goes down all doors, and most public transport, are closed off. People everywhere are being advised to stay indoors, but if/when things get worse, I imagine some sort of forced curfew may be issued.

    As far as going to work, well, I'm pretty sure it's the companies bosses discretion, and my machivellian midget of a guvna will look down on anyone who doesn't come in. But the store workers of the places that have been/could be looted will be staying at home until things cool down, as it's impossible to predict when and where they will strike next.
  6. That Reeves Corner footage I just watched is nuts. It looks like the apocalypse is getting ready to go down.

    So, what, has everything shut down there now or what? Like, are curfews in place? Are people still expected to go to work? Is everyone stocking up on milk, toilet paper, and bullets?
  7. Thank you, my man. That means a lot.

    This shit is exactly like the final scenes in Harry Brown!

    There is talk of bringing in the army, and I'm surprised the haven't been brought in already, although it would be admitting that our police force have failed, which, to be fair, they have. Its times like this when you realise just how unstable our society is, and all it takes is one seemingly minor event to turn a first world city into a third world warzone.

    The bastards set fire to Reeves roundabout which explained the smoke I saw when I stepped out of my house. Google Reeves corner for the biggest fire that's been set by these animals.

    It's definitely gonna get worse before it gets better, that's for sure.
  8. Holy shit, man. I just read up on what's going on. The pictures and video look like a scene out of the end of Harry Brown.

    Be safe, bro. Seriously, I mean that. If I was a spiritual person, I'd totally say a prayer for you and your lady.
  9. There are riots breaking out all across England, and if you put on any news station that covers what happens over here you should be able to see the complete and utter chaos that has been RAGING since Saturday night. It started over a bunch of idiots rioting over some useless drug dealer getting shot by police, and escalated in to sheer anarchy. I had to leave the wife at home to go to work, but she is genuinely shitting herself as there have been reports of peoples houses being broken into sue to the fact that most of the shops worth looting have already been hit.

    It has exposed England's, or more specifically London's, rescue services as a joke... Any terrorist watching must be rubbing his hands together. If it wasn't so discraceful it would be a joke.

    Fuck this country!!!
  10. Riots? Seriously? What's going on? I haven't heard anything about that.

    You're married, right? I genuinely hope you and your lady aren't in any kind of danger. That shit is fucked.
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