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  1. A spoof on Game of Thrones as done on Jimmy Fallons talk show
  2. no worries my friend- just sent it to ya
  3. It's clear, dude.. My bad.
  4. inbox is full man so couldn't send the quotes to you. VM me when its cleared and I'll get them to you
  5. match/segments all sent bossman
  6. need to clear out your inbox so I can send the rest of the match to you.
  7. I like it. A lot.

    Also. I know the EWA chicks. Its the reason I asked ya for help lol.

    Oh, and I'm now doing a show on its own so, yeah, whatever you do will be for that.

    We can discuss it further as soon as I have one more willing participant to help out.

    Also, man, I'm glad you liked my show.

  8. so I got a name for the women's divisions GM/match maker- Fook Mi Yu
  9. oh, and I do have 4 women wrestlers from EWA- and I did post their bios on the JBW Website. I'll pm them to you tomorrow- about to go to bed
  10. But, yeah, that's great, I'll get a plan drawn up for ya soon.
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