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  1. Ahhh. DOD's opponents for the next PPV!... um, Conquest is a team of The Candy Man and his son Nyron... Jordan1995 is their user. That's all I know.... The Upstarts are The Heartbreaker and Mitch O'Connor. They're robots, that's all I know... Just do a nice promo on EWNCW as a whole... I'm sure you'll enjoy that
  2. Oh what I meant was do you know are these(conquest,upstarts) from ewncw???
  3. I'm doing fine and the work put behind these ppv's by you creative people is Champagne stuff!
  4. Hey, Snair!Yeah, I've been mega busy, and most of my free time is being spent on "The War".I'm making crazy plans to make Jabe better and bigger than ever, so, sit tight.Hope you're good, baba!!
  5. Long time no see Mr. Ka$hdinero!
  6. Sorry for the annoyance, but hj,broc,kevin all banned together?
  7. How are your NEW-YEAR plans coming along?
  8. No, Manabu is MIA.

    I've been doing yours and his stuff/promos/ect...

    How far along are you?

    They're really long, eh?

    Ka$h's JBW = Pure epicness.

    Have you read New Horizons yet?
  9. Yo Ka$h, i'm still reading those shows I missed(loving each one of them),I'll complete my back log within a day & btw is Manabu still around?
  10. I'm on it now and yeah all is well
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