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  1. Hey, Baba!!I'm having serious web troubles I've been working on the next main show, though, so I'm always here. Just finding things a little difficult at the moment. Fear not, for I shall be sorted out soon
  2. Long time no see Kash :-(
  3. Aye!! bossman.....what's the deal with KC holdup?
  4. Bossman, it would be real nice of you if you could make Snair come out this theme song for just one time at KC #strictlyonetimedeal
  5. pm sent but split it in two due to space constraints..hope you like it
  7. I was surprised to see a Snair sign at Warfare last week.
    Keep'em coming bossman!
  8. Good to see you back bossman
  9. Due to character length limit I sent that promo as part 1 & 2
    Also I'd like this to be my next theme song
  10. Snair-bu, I'm gonna roll with a similar idea to what you proposed. Its definitely going to make an impact.
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