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  1. Snair for Warfare champion!
  2. You were definately right about Kbrand.He always loves playing the victim.
  3. I'm doing fine Amigo.And as for the comments well you can say that I'm an honest man;-)
  4. Hey bubba! how you donig?

    Thanks for the comments on the JBW thread. Mucho appreciated!
  5. Unfortunately both England and Southafrica got knocked out:-(
  6. No not really a fan, but my South African wife follows it. I believe they have recently been knocked out.
  7. Do you follow cricket?
  8. Yeah I did enjoy your raps in JBW and as for the feud between Mass and Snair i hope we can workout some storyline and come up with a feud that defines JBW;-)
  9. Yes you do bub, yes you do. Hope you've been enjoying MassDinero's Raps in the JBW

    Look forward to interacting with you. Maybe somewhere down the line Mass and Snair can work a feud.
  10. Hi Kash!
    Now I have a friend from England.
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