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  1. Shit you scared me there! I really hope i graduated..or else I gota get an odd timing job too
  2. Absolutely a killer on my social life... My poor wife! Oh well, hope the milkman keeps her company lol

    I work in a Fruit and Veg Market from 10-5(ish) and it's outside so it's Freeeeezzzing!! But the pays good and it's only seven hours a night!

    Remember kids stay in school lol
  3. Ohh ok i get it Sorry to hear that. Where do you work in the night? Must be a killer on the family and social life yeah?
  4. It's an English thing.... I just googled it and it's definition was quite harsh! Something along the lines of a mean spirited person....

    Rarely is it said seriously and is mainly said in jest as a term of endearment between friend's.. In this instance it was used as a way of saying I'm jealous ; )

    I haven't had two months off for years!!! Even then it was due to illness lol
  5. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what the hell is a git?!
  6. Lucky git ; )
  7. Hey dude. Not bad I've got 2 months holidays before Uni starts again so can't complain
  8. Hey Bro1 how's it going?
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