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  1. Your damn right I did! Had a 9 hour BBQ with some Woodys
  2. Sorry I missed your B-Day buddy! Hope you had a great one!!!!!
  3. Thnx mate!
  4. Whoa, I just noticed your post count! Well done bruv!! You smashed it!!!
  5. Van Dam was quite painful in that film, but I had fun watching it, it's something I use to annoy my wife when I'm flicking through the channels lol.
  6. I watched the movie that you said on a thread last night- "Wrong side of town". I swear that was one of the most confusing movies I've seen! But it was worth a few hours.
  7. No problem, thanks
  8. Happy belated 2000th post dude!
  9. Amen. The old stuff is classic, but the new stuff is just bullshit.
  10. I hate modern Hip Hop. That is all.
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