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  1. Just read you won't be around for a while, if you read this I just want you to know your thoughts will be missed and we await your return. Good luck in what ever you do, my friend.
  2. Hey dude. Barely lol! You know I haven't been on as much as I used to last year. But cheers
  3. Black Ninja!!!!!!!

    You posting machine!
  4. LOL Brownie... Now I want one more than ever!!

    That was some funny shit!
  5. Hahaha its all good. I know you just love to drink
    Woodstock (Woodys) have the best ads too. Heres one of my favorites:
  6. I'll have to try one of those Woodys, it even has a manly name lol, one day.

    As I type this I'm drinking a Jamaican Lager called Red Stripe.... Not the average beer for a white guy, but, meh. I like it, I drink it.
  7. Haha will do. I'm glad that you don't think they are completely pussy drinks or anything. To us..its like beer. Its something that you can enjoy at the end of your day, maybe with your mates. Like RTDs are a girl's drink, this is a man's drink!
  8. In my vast drinking experience, I've come to the conclusion that the weaker the drink, the the less serious the fight at the end of the night... 5% alcohol rules!!

    Check out the JBW thread... The Aristocrats just got owned lol
  9. Neither lol. Its a popular drink here. Its a mix of bourbon and cola..kinda like Rum and Coke. Well you get the gist of it right? Its not very strong, starting at about 5% and going up to 10%, but after a couple of those you'l be on an awesome buzz
  10. Everybody loves BBQ!!! I don't know what a Woodys is though. Beer or Cider?
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