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  1. I'd bet lol. I've seen theres tons of people joining frequently. Keep up the good work
  2. DUBS just took a break.

    This stuff is HARD to pull off these days, and the shows are massive. Lol.
  3. Good to hear bro. Keep in good health!
    What happened to DUBS anyway?
  4. JBW. I took over from DUBS

    Hope everything has been going well for you, bruv.

    I'm still working crazy hours. Like, crazy hours. But, I've still got this place to release lol!
  5. Hey mate. The thread you posted on before got closed (like many others recently lol) so I couldn't reply. Yeah I haven't seen you for a while! What you been doing in the past 3 months?
  6. TBO FTW!

    Miss ya, buddy!
  7. He popped in for a bit the other day, and hopefully he will be back full time soon buddy... It's really good to hear from YOU, though... I've been enjoying reading your posts again.
  8. Hey dude. Seen Robstar around here much lately?
  9. Thank you, my man!! I've missed you!!

    I hope all is going well for you, and, hopefully, you'll find time to pop in a bit more regularly.

    Great to hear from you, Brownie!!
  10. Just logged on to post after quite a while and saw "Moderator" under your name. Congrats dude, you truly earned it
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