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  1. Hit me back ASAP!!!

    Missed ya!
  2. If you don't inbox me soon, I'm going to overdose on upsetness.
  3. Right ho my bruv. They'll be on their way shortly. I'll start with Icarus/Brick...
  4. Bring those PC promos on, bruva Straights.

    Also, thanks for the edit.

    It was TOTALLY like my fault.

    I was a bit (very) drunk when I sent it.

    I'm gonna start posting the show now.

    Then the PC.

    Then ETU.

    I CAN do this
  5. Yeah dude. I got the Pm from Zap. Responding immediately.
  6. Can we post Mayhem Wed or Thur?
  7. Bro, hope your sitting down to enjoy SS.

    Our SS has been postponed because I was too tired.

    I sent a PM to Zapph.. He'll be forwarding it to you.

    I need PPV matches decided on your side.

    Check HT's HP for his Pauley instructions.
  8. Miami?

    If you need a link let me know.
  9. Yeah, it's like reading a comic but without the artwork.

    It is actually harder to pull off than writing it out in paragraphs, amd when I read it back I saw a few lines that I would have wrote differently, but to tell the truth, I was too tired to do any better

    I also messed up with the NWL/SuperFly title, but I'll explain it in my review.
  10. You are so very welcome Kash! It was my pleasure, and I had a blast doing it. As far as your new match is bloody amazing. I'll have plenty to say about it in detail tomorrow when I get done my review. I will say this though: I am sooo stealing that

    And yeah, we rock!
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