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  1. BIO updated!
  2. No prob bro!
  3. Hey, Mags, thanks for the bio. If you could edit it to match the same template that has been set by the others that would be great. See Ma$$Dinero's on page one for reference. It'll help a lot when it comes to writing the shows.

    Thanks agaib
  4. Ok man!

  5. Your timing is immaculate.

    Jabe is about to change forever, and I need new and hungry guys I can rely on leading the charge. Point me to your bio and I'll start planning Angelo's debut
  6. Hey bro hows JBW doing, i want to join
  7. Haha,a combination of Jesus and Jericho
  8. Cheers for the FR mate!
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of personal saviour.
  10. Or more like his probation officer
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