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  1. everything went perfectly smooth. actually better than expected.
  2. true... I'm still young! so did everything go as planned for you on your trip?
  3. well, that only means you still have so much to see. always see things in a positive light
  4. I've been to washington and idaho... only states I have ever been in haha.
  5. i've been to Denver once and to San Antonio 3 times. very nice
  6. nice! I've only been out of america for 1 day... so I have no real knowledge of other countries besides what I read in books haha
  7. well, so far it has been snowing for a week or so, i like that. its quieter, thats also good. so...yes, i like it better so far
  8. it was a tough, tough task but I survived. Do you like sweden better?
  9. thank you very much took a little bit longer. but its good to have my pc back, and now i live in sweden! how have you survived xmas
  10. welcome back man!
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