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  1. well if I can make a suggestion, when I did mine for HWA, I asked a few people who wrote shows in BTB section to check it out, that's how I got Eddie, and a few other people to fill out applications, so I would suggest that
  2. Yea I might as well just behind one show and might as well get that show done with the next one and e PPV. And no luck with creative
  3. wow you're that far behind now lol, so how is finding someone for creative going?
  4. Oh I'm gonna post all three AT ONCE! Lol
  5. HJ where is my AWF you slacker, jk
  6. hey HJ you think you fill out a prediction contest for the HWA PPV? here's the link
  7. Space cleared bro!
  8. Will do in a few gotta save a few PMs
  9. HJ bro I've been trying to PM you the link to the creative forum since yesterday, clear some space bro
  10. hey bro just thought I'd gice you a heads up that we're getting a separate site for the Head Quarters, I'll pm you the link when it's up
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