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  1. Holy Hell! Bruva where you been? How's it going?

    Yeah still in JABE not champ just yet. I hope all is well with the wife and kids!
  2. Hey HJ... How's you my brother?

    still in Jabe? Champ yet?
  3. LEGGS!!!! long time no speak. Hope all is well with the wife and kids and with you as well!
  4. Glad all is good bud yeah life for everyone has been hectic cant wait for Spring Break next week. And yeah HT is still here I'm sure he too has been having some good ol thing called life
  5. Hey HJ!

    Sorry for a very delayed response to your question on Jabe other day... I'm doing great thanks. Things are very hectic but life's great ATM.

    Quick question buddy... Is heelturn still in Jabe? Is he still active?

    Hope you're good bruv!
  6. Hasn't been posted yet I've been busy with school but I'll have it up by Tuesday
  7. Hey dude! When is the Drum n bass stuff being posted? Or has it already?
  8. Great to hear man! I'm doing great school and work weighing me down but nothing I can't handle. On my side in JBW I've become a real asshole haha
  9. HJ! All good thanks man... You and yours ok?! Hope so. So what have I missed on jabe and EWN? Anything interesting?
  10. LEGS! How's it going? hope all is well
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