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  1. Sorry been busy with birthday celebrations this week give me a bit
  2. Hey man, when are you going to get back to me with that GP promo? It's due in tomorrow so we don't really have much time to go back and forth now.
  3. I have noticed! I will give feedback soon!
  4. If you've not noticed, then Threat of the Net is up.
    Would be nice to hear some thoughts on the show
  5. Just reminding you that you have until tomorrow to vote on Threat of the Net man
  6. Great, thanks man. I'll let the rest know too so that we can ask you for promos and such!
    Also, if you want to vote on Threat of the Net, head to the thread in the e-fed section!
  7. Hey Tommy just letting you know I am done with exams so ill have more free time on my hands
  8. Ok good to know! That's what I assumed was going on ill be free come Monday
  9. Ok thanks!
    In case you're also wondering, I haven't been booking HJ on Rage recently since I kind of guessed that you had something on. But I'll make sure to book you when you're less busy for sure!
  10. Yeah I will be done on Monday the 13th!
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