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  1. hahahaha that's great! I'm watching their 20th Anniversary show right now. Sang a new song they did
  2. Oh, and I'm currently listening to Backstreet Boys in your honour...
  3. Haha, I weirdly appreciate that man!
  4. It makes me really happy that you're back! Welcome back you magnificent bastard
  5. Good to hear! Things are goin well over here. Alcohol alcohol everywhere I love it. Haha
  6. Now that is a very good question Jose!

    Things are going good with me man, how's things with you?
  7. K-Jammin!!!!!! Y we no longer talk?! Lol how's it going dude?
  8. Happy Birthday man, have a great day!
  9. Thanks man a little bit shocked right now.
  10. Sorry about your Grandfather man, hope your okay!
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