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  1. TBOZ!!!!!! Happy Birthday man! Enjoy it Hope you have a great one
  2. lol I'm glad everything is going well on your part!
  3. That's the stuff i wanna hear! :d
  4. like now? hmmm I guess I'll venture into enemy territory lol just for a glimpse of the TBOZ
  5. Sounds awesome my man, and congratulations! That's exactly what I wanted to hear!

    I suggest you read Rage and find out...
  6. Yea mean everything is good! HolyJose=First Dual Champion JBW history no big deal lol recently went heel so should be fun. How about you? making a return to EWNCW soon?
  7. Holy Jose! I'm good my man, how are you dude?

    How's everything with your character in JBW? Still smashing heads and taking names?
  8. TBOZ! How's it going brotha! hope all is well!
  9. Thanks dude!

    Always looking for something new, may have something else for Raging Inferno, keep watching HJ!
  10. Just thought I'd let ya know I enjoyed your video promo that wax new to sy the least
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