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  1. Yeah, Pharoah is part of "the other team", so you may have to change that.

    And, thanks!
  2. Hey that's quite the accomplishment best of luck oh and did you get my update?
  3. Yeah... Being a bit of a drifter, I've never stuck around anywhere long enough to get promoted, so, like, consider this my first one.

    Mo money, mo problems, though.
  4. You got a fucking promotion?!?!?!?! Dude Congratulations man!
  5. Absolutly not I just got home let me get to work
  6. Hey, ese....

    Some people have let me down for this weeks show before the PPV (that HAS to be on Sunday)...

    You're not gonna be one of them, are you?
  7. Yea you're good and does being late with shows fall under the study because I think I got that one aced
  8. Whew!

    I have Leggs and JMans stuff, so don't worry.

    I can do the match as well, so that should take some pressure off of ya, my little studying padawan.

  9. I can delay the show a day or so mainly because I gots 3 papers to write and restoring my computer at the moment
  10. Bro, what's the latest I can hand in our promo for the show?
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