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  1. I've no idea.

    I'm doing good, man. Ma$$ has taken up residence in HWA these days. Not sure if he's welcome, but you know me, that's never stopped me before
  2. So tell me why I JUST got your message from Dec 12??? Seriously the boards were fucking up majorly anyways I'm doing good how about you?
  3. Ho-Zay!! How's you dude?

    Also, can't see the JBW post you just dropped because of the messed up boards right now.
  4. I'm good, mi amigo! Great in-fact! Work is going well, and I am bringing back BITW. Obviously The Holy One will be booked for the first card back
  5. ka$h how goes it buddy! Hope all is well!
  6. JabeBox dude..
  7. I am there!
  8. FB, mi amigo.
  9. Let me go see
  10. The JBW creative group has been updated.
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