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  1. He didn't. Was about to open up the bottle when I got a call from my girlfriend. Talking to her took priority!
  2. I heard that DrunkJose appeared a few days ago
  3. Everytime I take a shot of tequila. I see in my head reading your posts.
  4. So DrunkJose appeared last night

    Really drunk posts
  5. I was considering them as my friends i talked to Giddy earlier and he has nothing to do with this.Giddy said they ruined his chance getting back and hates what they did.I mean the things they said about Rob are awful.No one deserve this and for what efedding,come on,grow up
  6. I am pissed. and mostly how he ended it it was too far. He changed it but the original well....I am pissed
  7. I alerted Kash too
  8. Already did. got screen shots. Alerted Robstar....
  9. Bro check the show thread now
  10. Happy Birthday bro
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