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  1. Nah my family is Guatemalan but I live in the US! Learn something new huh?
  2. Not a Mexican.I thought you was from Mexico
  3. Not mexican but damn straight I will!
  4. Haha you will be the first Mexican to buy it
  5. ah cool Cyprus sounds awesome. And I hear you about work. Of course I've heard the preview to the new single. It comes out Tuesday!
  6. I live in Cyprus man,i'm good a bit tired from work.How about you,did you listen BSB's new single?
  7. I see haha. How are things going for you over there in Greece? (You're Greek right?)
  8. Hahaha.We haven't talk for a while and i threw some Akon in your inbox
  9. Are you coming on to me? I mean that's cool and I'm flattered but I'm a spoken for man!
  10. It's been so long
    that I haven't seen your face
    I'm Tryna be strong
    But the strength I have is washing away
    it wont be long before i get you by my side
    And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you
    Tell you what's been on my mind
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