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  1. I understand bro sorry if i asked you this too many rimes.But i have to do it tomorrow
  2. Sorry dude work has been killing me. I'll be checking it out right now
  3. Bro you are killing me.I now i asked you too many times(way to many sorry) but you didn't send me your vote.I want to start writing the match tomorrow and finish half of the show and the only thing that's gonna left will be your half.Please i need your vote tonight i'm gonna be busy in the coming days
  4. Don't forget to pm me man because i won't be much online tomorrow and friday
  5. No prob man i deleted a few pm's and i wasn't sure if i sent it to you
  6. I did. I've just been a bit busy I'll reply back
  7. Did you got the promo bro?
  8. I knew something wasn't right
  9. hahahah yup EXACTLY!
  10. Yes i learnt.That's why you are so white
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