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  1. Will do once I get out of class.
  2. Hey bro can you please respond to my pm
  3. Hey man if you have time i want to pm you about something
  4. "Getting busy" in the good way isn't that bad
  5. Yeah busy in the sense of visiting my girlfriend over the weekend and getting back home late yesterday. Yeah haha
  6. Oh man you've been very busy lately haven't seen you that much in the forum.Good to hear that about match and promo
  7. I am very much alive! I've been out of town for a few days. The word on my promo and match is I should have them done no later than tomorrow
  8. Are you alive bro?

    What's the word about your match and promo?
  9. I finished my half colored commentary and everything.Do you want to send it to you?
  10. No worries dude. I'll be gone all weekend so I was planning on doing it today
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