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  1. That's okay no problem at all.. door is always welcome if you ever decide to give it ago, thanks for taking the time to consider it and getting back to me with a response.
  2. Hi; Sorry Im not sure if I replied to your message or not. At the moment, I just dont have the energy to join the efeds but I will keep it in mind and when im feeling better I might come by and join you all. Sorry again
  3. Oh sorry Haha! I didn't realize you meant roleplaying Yeah that's exactly what it is.. In the WWE Fed we ask that you control a wrestler from the past or present, the only thing we don't allow is deceased wrestlers being chosen
  4. Your Welcome and thank you ^__^ Yup sound's like roleplaying. Would i be able to create my own character? Or would it have to be taking on the persona of an actual female wrestler?
  5. Same here, glad you have settled in well and you are enjoying it here Yeah there really are some awesome people on here.. thank you for the friend request too! ermm, I'm not really sure what rping is.. but E-ffeding is where you create a character or in the case of my fed, the WWE Fed you control a real life wrestler from any company and take on the role of them by doing promo's and getting involved in story lines and feuds.. it's a lot of fun and a good way of expressing creativity.. Plus in the WWE Fed we are really trying too build a womens division at the moment and it's coming along well.. but the more members the better! if you have any interest.. we would love too have you.
  6. Hi! Thank You for messaging me and your right we havent had chance to really speak. Its Nice to meet you! Everyone here is very nice, opinionated and funny so im all types of good Ive seen a bit about it but im not what it is. Is it like rping?
  7. Hey, firstly.. I don't believe we have spoke, so welcome to EWN, hope you are enjoying your time here?.. secondly, I was wondering.. do you have any interest in E-ffeding?.
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