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  1. LOL! Im glad your feeling better, steer clear of Guinness if i were you. Its really worth a look
  2. It's ok!
    Had a decent weekend thus far. Went for a few drinks last night, was great to go for a few after beign ill!
    Awesome! I might have to go and see it myself if I get the chance!
  3. Hi; Sorry Im not sure if I replied to your last message or not. Hope your weekend is going ok. Just havent felt like getting online much to be honest. Hotel Transylvania was pretty damn good
  4. Yeah that's what I've been doing. I'm a big tea drinker anyway, but I've seriously lost count of how many mugs I've consumed the last few days lol! I have missed going on 2 weeks of college because of the damn thing though :/

    I'm a massive Bond fan! Loved the movies since I was little really! Hotel Transylvania looks like a fun film though, hope you and your little ones enjoy that! And you can't beat a little Madagascar! That series is great!
  5. Aww Im so sorry Drink plenty of fluids and rest mr! Thats the mum in me kicking right now xD

    Ahhh I see. I must be honest but the newer james bond films don't do it for me xD Give me an asian samurai film any time! But I am taking the kids to see hotel Transylvania on sunday so that will be pretty sound. Then Madagascar 3 two weeks later.
  6. Didn't go out in the end, was far too ill unfortunately. I went to the doctors during the day and was diagnosed with glandular fever and given a course of penicillin, so no night out for me until next week unfortunately!

    I'm planning on going out for some drinks on the weekend if I'm better, otherwise it'll be next week.
    I'm also planning a trip to the cinema to see the new Bond movie when it comes out in a couple of weeks
  7. Most Welcome mate! how'd your night go?
  8. Thanks! Much appreciated Raven Girl
  9. HI! Sorry I havent been on to wish you a happy birthday. Hope your day went awesomely!
  10. Night night matey! Sleep well. Doubt i'll be in bed for another hour or so and then i'll have to be up at 8 >_< Dang it all!

    Sparkies is a good honest trade, as long as you like it go for it, keep music in the side too, maybe something will come up. i hope it does for you!
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