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  1. Your inbox is full man.
  2. Message coming, hold on to your hat!
  3. Oh right lol!
    Have you done an 'Inside the Tights' interview before? Maybe I could ask WF to post it in his thread, since this interview is pretty much exactly what that would be like.
  4. chunky....just chunky lol
  5. That interview's a great read man, nice job. I see that it was chunky who asked the first question, but it doesn't specify who asked the rest of the questions.
  6. No probs dude
  7. Just a note dude, when you're IC'ing, make sure to note that your In Character, since it might be confusing to some when you don't note that.
    Just a helpful note
    Good work though, I like what I see!
  8. I sent you a PM a few days back asking you to post an updated bio in the roster thread. It's still not done. I need that done the nest time you're on please since it's vital that we get the information since it has a bearing on your character on the next Rage show (which is tomorrow night).
  9. Got it! Thanks man!
  10. On it boss
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