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  1. Yeah all kids are good man, Finally got married in august after 8 years together....Dodged it for aslong as I can lol.

    Im just enjoying reading the feds at minute, Its good to read them from the other side with out knowing all the spoilers but i must admit its hard to keep up them all now
  2. Doing good these days, good sir.

    Had my ups and downs and all that as most people do, but life's good right now.

    After many false starts I'm back doing the eFedding thing, albeit under different circumstances, but that's only inspired me to get even more creative lol.

    Hope you and the fam are cool, my man.
  3. How do we do sir, Ive always been about mate, Just like to keep my words to a minimum nowadays haha. How you bin man?
  4. MdotELDER!! Lol, its been a while, bruv
  5. The stuff you do is great! The first thing i said to Silvercena when he came over was to cut down on the raps, you soon run out of inspirartion and have to rely to much on others to spit something there way which will soon cool down on his heat. It was easy laying something down....every thing he says/does leaves him wide open but suck as yourself and samoan619 who dont really get into beef on here keep the does closed to be rapped on
  6. Yeah, I know what your saying, it's completely impossible to gauge the tempo and flow of the promo, so they are almost meant to be read like poems lol.... I've sort of dug a hole for myself and have to keep up appearances now! I do try to get as creative as possible and I think I don't do a bad job, even if I do say so myself. Lol.
  7. Theres not really that much around thats too good now a days. I could never get me head round Line to line, Whilst the wording is great i just feel it if ya get me
  8. Mine are actually done with no beat and are just meant to be read line by line. I listen to very little rap these days, lol, I really should get back in to it .
  9. lol! Yeah man im upfor summat lol!
    I tried to keep away from all the rapping on here, They just dont read aswel if you havent got the same beat in ur head personnaly i usually have KRS one in my head when im laying stuff down
  10. Maybe one day Mass Murder (my real MC name) and Matt Elder could lay down a track or two lol!
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