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  1. I'll be on until around 4, then I'll be offline for the most part, since i'll be at my aunts house.

    Also, mine? I'll handle it.
  2. Inbox is full. The reply to that message you sent me is: Tomorrow for sure.
  3. Any chance you can pop by the cave, real quick?
  4. There we go
  5. Clear some space on your inbox
  6. No, actually hahah I need to change a couple things.

    Mind PMing me for a few? Sort it out and I can get it posted?
  7. Did. Was solid. Have you and King picked your parts?
  8. Show Card, boss. I sent it to you in a PM.
  9. PPV or Show card?
  10. Did you get a chance to go over the card?
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