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  1. Hey boss, just checking in to see how that promo is coming along.
  2. thanks man
  3. i sent it to SG but ill se if i have it somewhere
  4. Hey, do you still have that promo? I could use it for this week.
  5. Don't worry about it, boss. I should get King to have you all send a copy of your parts when you do it to him, so he can have it on tap. It's what I do for the promos I'm handling.
  6. i think i sent it very early morning, i only noticed that messege a few minutes ago, sorry about the mixup
  7. Nope. Sorry, boss. When did you send it? Strem was meant to tell you to send it to me by 7, since SG was having problems or something and couldn't do the promo. Save it for next week.
  8. hey i sent my part of the promo to sg, i dont know if he sent it to you
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