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  1. On the way
  2. Now xD
    I'll hang around in case you hop back on Brodo
  3. Lemme know when you're ready brodo swaggins
  4. Ok, until later then!
  5. It'll have to be in a couple hours. Not on the computer at the moment.
  6. Can you meet me in the cave?
  7. Hahah thanks for the heads up
  8. Cool brah!
    Also, I'm just changing the video link to my theme in the batcave. EHC has kindly done a custom titantron for me, as he's done for many other characters too! You can ask him to do one for you too if you want, they're pretty sweet!
  9. Just have to add a staples part and some extra commentary. it'll be up tonight
  10. Hey man! How's Inferno looking now? Got everything in?
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