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  1. might want to go through and make sure they are edited right.
  2. Thanks playa!
  3. The batcave beckons, if you have time?
  4. Ahh I see, cool man! Just want to make sure since I want the show posted on Sunday! so just trying to avoid any slip ups or cases of lateness and such!
  5. They did.

    I just need to edit them in, had to make sure with Zero of the ones he picked.
  6. Ok, I can see what you're writing for DoR, but who's writing the rest of the Inferno stuff? Have King and SEZ picked their matches? I thought you said before that they had...
  7. Ok cool man! Can yu edit into the thread in the batcave who's doing what? Just so that we can keep track of things!
  8. Yeah. We got it sorted.

    Im doing the six man and the three way.
  9. Holla holla playa!

    Just checking to see if everything on the Inferno side of the ppv is being dealt with? I know that you're working on stuff, but are SEZ and King working on stuff too? I ask because I don't see anyone's names written under any of the matches in the batcave, so I'm not sure if anyone's been designated to write stuff!
  10. Nope.

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