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  1. Where the chat is, it's a blank black space. The thing to resize the chatbox is there, but there is no chatbox. No place to hit log-in.
  2. Hmm, ideally you need to see what was talked about last night. Is it just a white blank box, or is it just not loading when you log into it?
  3. Do you want to just message me in PMs here until it sorts out?
  4. Of course

    I had that too, just keep refreshing/give it time to load and it eventually comes.
  5. So you read the interview. :P

    For some reason, the chatbox won't load. I just get a black space.
  6. Sure, I'm waiting for you, Banksy
  7. I can now, if you still need me.
  8. Are you able to come to the batcave for a second?
  9. Sounds good, thanks bubba!
  10. Bear already has my matches marked down. Just waiting to hear if he has any special requirements for them.
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