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  1. Want to pick up where we left off last night?
  2. Can you meet me in the cave?
  3. Back I'm in the cave.
  4. There now, boss man
  5. Batcave sir?
  6. In the cave now, boss
  7. I'll also be in the chat if needed
  8. The Coke Boyz are listed as heels.

    Amended. Check again to see if things are ok.
  9. Coke Boyz are heels.

    Abel has returned. :3
  10. I've spent some time today arranging the batcave's roster section. I've weeded out anyone that's inactive and moved their info to the inactive talents post, and I've added in any info that wasn't there before. I've also amended the roster update thread so that it's up to date now.
    If you could check to make sure that everything that should be there is there, and that there isn't anything that shouldn't be there still there, then that would be great
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