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  1. In there bro
  2. Can you come to the cave for a second?
  3. Can you please settle the dispute going on in the EWNCW thread regarding how undefeated Ano Doom really is? As the man booking the feud, I think you're the man in the best place to clarify!
  4. If I do I'll be sure to come and find you.
  5. That's it, I'll be in the batcave if you want anything!
  6. Good deal. Good deal
  7. Cool. The bulk of it is done, so I'll adjust it as needed then to fit in with however it's set up.
  8. Surprise me. I'll hopefully have the card up tonight before you get too finished with the promo
  9. Been working on THE promo. Want a look?
  10. Ready when you are, broham
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