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  1. The fake account that was made a few days ago that failed miserably? Haha, I have no clue. Whoever it was never came out.
  2. Sup?! Do you have any idea on who made that fake account?! Lol.
  3. You can if you want. My way of booking WWE! I'm pretty sure you'll love it! Check it out!
  4. I do not. Why, should I be?
  5. Do you read my Be The Booker thread?
  6. Sick. I love Simpsons! Lol.
  7. Nothing much. Just about to watch The Simpsons. I'm just getting started watching the show. Never watched a whole episode before until this weekend.
  8. What's up dawg?!
  9. No problem!
  10. Thanks for the FR mate!
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