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  1. Eddie told me to pester you to get the hell in a cell match done.

    So, yeah. Pester! Pester!
  2. I reckon 'Taker could go 5 more. If he's only wrestling one more match per year, then he may be able to go. It all depends on his condition there.

    I haven't seen much of Ambrose, but I've seen a couple of his promos, and matches with Tyler Black/Seth Rollins, and I think he could do well. I think I'm correct in saying that Vince/Triple H etc are high on him, so I hope to see him do well
  3. I'd count as impossible for Taker to even wrestle 5 more Manias. I guess he could, but he'd have a lot of injuries by then. I wouldn't mind seeing him go against Barrett or Ziggler, I don't really know enough about Ambrose though.

    Yeah, I'm just going to ignore anyone who does anything of that nature like I already have.
  4. In a perfect world (for me anyway) - Undertaker would face Kane, Sting, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose at the next 5 Wrestlemania's - however unlikely.

    And despite BoD reuniting - I preferred to see the APA. My favorite tag team in History.

    There's always going to be one or two people bitching about banned members, but I'm certain everything will be A-Okay now
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that too, but oh well. It was still kind of cool to see the brothers of destruction one last stand. I'm still hopeful we eventually see Kane vs. Undertaker at Mania again.

    And, yeah, I think there may be a few people who try to antagonize me and attempt to get me to slip, but I'm not going to. No worries there.
  6. That segment was just a way to get 'Taker on the show. Totally pointless. Buried Mahal, Reks, Hawkins, McIntyre, Hunico and Camacho. Again the storyline is flawed with 'Taker reuniting with Kane though in 2010 Kane left him in a vegetative state, buried him alive etc. Yet he didn't get his revenge. But hey, it's wrestling, since when does it make sense?

    Fuck. 808 unbanned! We don't need his poor grammar here!

    I'm sure no controversy will arise. With HWA's no drama policy, I'm sure everything will be fine for you to return
  7. I know, I love 'Taker, but that was hilarious. The segment was kind of stupid though.

    Three months of posting in only HWA threads, then Broc... and that broc808 douchebag will be unbanned.
  8. Thank you. For all the respect I have for 'Taker, he couldn't have fucked that one better.

    How long are you on "probation" for?
  9. Btw, your sig is phenomenal. The botch on Undertaker was hilarious, and I laugh at that every time I see it.
  10. I'm clearly the more popular one.

    Thanks, good to be back.
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