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  1. I think Giddy is with his grandmother or something until tomorrow, so you should probably get that tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, I'm getting caught up though. Slowly but surely.

    Giddy's leading off our Anarchy promo, though.
  3. E-Fedding great, ain't it?

    I don't have much of that stuff to do now, but I'm back to writing a few characters in HWA, then I have my XNFL which I can be as inconsistent on show times as I want.
  4. So many promos, so little time!
  5. Ha! Will do.
  6. Well, you have until November, so live it up while you can.
  7. Yup. Get used to it, bitch.
  8. *sigh*
    You're really enjoying this, aren't you?
  9. I am your probation officer. You will do as I say or you will go back to prison.
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