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  1. Emmm where
  2. Will do
  3. Hey, so you debuted on this show Be sure to read it, and post your bio ASAP! Thanks!
  4. That is good
  5. Yep good stuff
  6. Hey pal..Get the promo okay?
  7. Hahaha Thought that..I will do
    Yep i know
  8. Don't say that, it'll go to my head. Haha jk! Friday is the deadline, so if she hasn't gotten you her part by then, you can send me yours. If she does, just make sure to revise yours a little to reflect her characters too
  9. I wasn't gonna, you are the boss..
    when would you like it again?
  10. Aight. Ill get on the person before you. She should have hers done
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