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  1. Wow..
  2. Thanks What are your plans for September?

    (I do knows) It is all boring for me tbh lol
  3. Haha fair enough, congrats!

    Yeah I just find Dean to be a Sam Shaw like person ahah, I wouldn't be surprised if Linda was to Dean how Christy Hemme is to Sam Shaw (if you watch TNA?). Apart from Gangsta Carol, everything's been so boring for me. It's been so shit recently haha.
  4. So happy, had a few wee drinks the night

    Oh he is indeed, fucking dirty lol
    Oi! Wee ba, stop that shit :P
  5. Haha sick!

    And yeah I have... that Dean's a proper creep. I swear he spunked when he hugged Linda the other week lol? And LOL at Gangsta Carol- she can be my drug dealer now lol.
  6. I has indeed, you?

    Done and passed
  7. Haha you been watching Eastenders?

    Yeah exams are done! What about you?
  8. We be the same there
    So pal,what is happening,assuming exams are done?
  9. Haha yeah- I prefer the ones with more drama. That one wasn't dramatic enough for me lol.
  10. Yeah I agree, it was well out there tbh
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