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  1. You thought about joining PWR?

    Also- listen to this! Such a good tune.

  2. Nah he isn't for me tbh...

    Is that so?
  3. Naaah he's alright haha- I assumed you would've fancied him lol. All of my girl mates think he's cute.

    Lauren & Lola are where it's at though.
  4. See so

    Aye I agree, awk he is a prick lol
  5. LOL!

    And yeah same. Been disappointed with the endings all week though- been really dull. I like that new character, Kush though. He's jokes.
  6. Ah...nearly sure you don't know what I look like lol

    Oh fuck aye, you?
  7. That's what I thought of you- but look how you turned out!

    And fair enough haha. You been watching EE gyal?!
  8. It's not even scary

    Aye in a way lol
  9. Maybe tomorrow? We'll see.

    And yeah it is old, but let's face it- Old = Gold.
  10. Yous are all such pussies around here

    Here that old it hurts wee ba
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