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  1. Oh yeah! forgot about that.. Awesome! Okay cool.. I was just finishing some things off for the WWE Fed x
  2. Well it is HBK appreciation night Just doing some research and reading Wbu? x
  3. Yeah deffo! What you up too now then miss Punk?.
  4. Yeah i am the same, i hate when i get excited and it turns out wick Yep i am the same x
  5. Yep! Yeah hopefully, I always look forward too it anyways and more often then not.. unless it's awful, I normally always enjoy it also.
  6. We're just lovely people I know Me too Should be good x
  7. Haha! Yeah I'm kind of the same with my mates That's wicked.. Yeah I always am, always intrigued too see what they do x
  8. LOL Yes i am, I am the one that takes care of them They are too but, I always keep an eye on them You really are I am indeed and i don't need to get up early tomorrow Wbu?? x
  9. Haha I can imagine Are you the responsible one when you are with you're mates then? You are and You're lucky I'm too nice Good, Yeah it was good thanks.. looking forward too Raw tonight? x
  10. Yes more for you Oh shots does that too people I remember carrying a few people home after i had more than them I am such a good person I didin't think so, you're too nice Wasn't bad Sounds like you did x
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