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  1. Exactly That sounds great, might need to have some later Good at hiding it, I am such an angel, no one would believe it Yeah on crappy Xbox x
  2. That's true! Haha, Yeah I really could.. a nice cold Magners would go down lovely right now I do.. By halo... I mean the game Halo LOL! X
  3. Alright well work away LOL It is how you would get the stuff?? Ohhhh me too Emmmm a bit of both really I am sure you do x
  4. Yeah same here! Really? Wow, I will right you a list Right now I could with a drink though.. that would be a nice start! Haha Anything you are going too buy or you looking round? I am.. I really am, I have a halo and everything! x
  5. I am the same, always wanted a big family I have too be a mummy one day, not anytime soon though Do you need anything? LOL Aww that sounds lovely Yes be careful, I am sure you are just a saint, such a good boy x
  6. Haha I can imagine! I would be the same.. Yeah I wan't them also, for me.. life would not be complete with out kids, just not in the near future though! Sounds nice.. buying me anything? That's cool, well hope you have a nice time! I'm mean't too be out again with the family, a load of us are just going down the pub for a few and a meal and then the younger generation will leave the oldies and head too a club I imagine Just got too be careful because of knee.. I'm normally sensible anyways. x
  7. That's good then Exactly and that is what i am thinking everyday after i went home Still want them though Shopping tomorrow and then people back at mine after Yourself? x
  8. Yeah.. got there in the end Haha, aww that's nice.. least you can say it was something you done and now that's it's finished I'm sure you will question.. so this is what having kids is like! Doing much this weekend then? x
  9. Sucks Aww well that isn't a bad way too fall asleep It is wasn't bad, they got we certificates and medals as it was Olympic themed I am happy it is over though x
  10. Aww.. I was up late actually myself, just laying on my bed watching WWE vids on Youtube while thinking will I ever fall asleep Haha That's good then.. How did it go? x
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