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  1. Yeah, Yeah So you say So hows you anyway x
  2. I agree! it's so true.. Not me though. x
  3. Well duh Men can be even worse most of the time Believe me I know LOL x
  4. LOL! You're a women.. off course you do it Though believe me, men can be pretty bitchy also! x
  5. It is indeed It means talking about people you really don't like behind their back I am good though, i never do it x
  6. Slabbering Haha? Is that a new word for me too add too my Irish list x
  7. Just walking, talking and a bit of slabbering LOL I was Yeah, it is, not many people are like that with families x
  8. So what did you end up doing then? Yeah I bet you was like an Angel Haha, Yeah it's really nice.. It's cool too see we seem too share the same values when it comes too family x
  9. Yeah LOL I don't mind I'm sure Yep, very true I am always good I did indeed, was a good laugh Aww but, being with family in general is nice x
  10. Haha wouldn't bother me! I know.. got you! I won't say anymore anyways.. Layla is nice too! Okay that's fair enough, each too there own.. hope you was good? LOL! You have a good night? I was out with family again, nothing special but it was nice. x
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