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  1. You know it
  2. Ha! Saddo!

    Ok, Ok, Calm down. Jheezee. Can't get enough lol.
  3. No but, I did a double take

    Oi get back on PM
  4. Ha! I bet you paused it too, didn't you?
  5. No because it sat nice and seen the bottom of his toned bod okay!

    Ah you can try your luck lol

    Nope, just him atm and eurg no
  6. Ha! His boxer line? Wow.

    Is that all it takes for them North Irish girls? Man, I need to visit Northern Ireland soon! Ha!

    Yeah him this week.. Next week it could be anyone. Heath Slater perhaps?
  7. Foff he is not!

    Excuse me...It is Ambrose alone this week because I seen his boxer line on Raw lol
    Also what you mean you?
  8. Yo' you must be blind. Plus he's 10x better then Dzeko!

    Who you crushing on this week anyways? Punk, Ed Sheeran, Ambrose, Graves, Reigns, Rollins, Me, man the list goes on and on Ronaldo beats all of them.. Well except one Ha!
  9. That is boggin...he is a munter like
  10. Lulz! That's so nasty

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