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  1. He said it.. I know, death wish right?

    Check his page He so "dissed" you But.. Maybe he's right.. I guess if you ain't going to do nothing..

    I.. I must have got it wrong about you..
  2. Do you think he is that stupid to say that? lol
  3. Jelly gone? Everything!

    Plus he said you were not scary and he could take you.. Surly a Belfast Girl is not going to take that.. Is she?
  4. I do know people... what is it worth to you?
  5. Get rid of the Jelly..

    And you can have all the hugs you want..


  6. I do refused to hug me
  7. And I thought.. Y-Y-You loved me.

  8. 1st you wouldn't give me a hug the other night
    2nd aren't you boys old enough to sort this out yourself?

    Oh and no blushing to me and trying to get on my good side
  9. Ashley..

    Jelly has been bulling me.

    I was hoping.. Well, I was hoping you could sort him out for me?


    He's so mean, the big meanie.
  10. You are welcome, need anything else, PM me x
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