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  1. I am glad I never went to bed lol
  2. Cleared.. Finally.

    Go ahead and send
  3. Yeah speak to you then...

    Well I explained how I feel in the PM... you can get it tomorrow
  4. Lulz! Alright, will I'll speak to you tomorrow then.

    Also, don't delete that "thing" Keep it, you never know
  5. Yeah it is because of an update from earlier on, it said I have lots in my inbox when I had sweet fa in it lol
  6. Again.. Man, these in-boxes fill up quick don't they.

    The best is, I can't even access mine to clear it, it keeps asking me to sign in, EWN is very screwy at the moment.
  7. Inbox...again
  8. Cleared Ashley
  9. Here you, clear you inbox
  10. I can get him kneecapped
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