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  1. Yeah on Saturday morn lol
    Its cool
  2. On KiK? I must have missed the notification. It's late now though so I'll check in the morning and reply.
  3. I left you a message
    Not the best no

  4. Why, what's up? Not feeling too good are you?

  5. He is nursin me back to health
  6. Clear hun
  7. Clear that inbox chica!

    By the way, because I'm so nice and I know you are not feeling too well.. I've got you a date with Reigns

    It was going to be Ronaldo.. But.. I'll take that one!
  8. Sshh don't be tellin everyone lol
  9. Haha! I'll take that because I know you don't like Ronaldo
  10. Maybe they are...2 outta 3 anyways
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