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  1. Emm canny say i have heard of them
  2. Oh shush
    You a fan of ska music by any chance? Specifically the band Reel Big Fish?
  3. Sounds it
    True story
    Well i would a confidence boost but, okay
  4. Yeah it's a lot of fun
    Oi you
    As a matter of fact, I am looking for a singer lol! Keen?
  5. Wow! That sounds such a good thing to do
    Awk you big ginny ann
    Do you need a singer?
  6. I'm in a few bands actually! I play the trombone and piano, so I'm quite versatile!
    I'm meant to have brass band practice tonight, but I don't think I'm going to go, it's WAY too cold, and I don't think it's worth suffering the 40 min walk
    I'm also in a jazz band, and a smaller brass group that plays in pubs around the area. I'm also in the process of setting up my own band too
  7. No need for the thanks
    Aww really? You're in a band???
  8. Awww thanks, it's the thought that counts
    I too have to gout for a long walk again tonight since I have band practice Not going to be pleasant!
  9. Aww you poor thing I would cooked it for you
    Well just letting you know, i froze walking home
  10. Just thought that I'd let you know before I turn in..... Yes, I did freeze to death in football training, which did give me incentive to run more, but the 40min walk back was pretty crap, so I froze again. I could have really done with that steak and chips afterwards
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