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  1. You CM Punk, is just yum
  2. fair enough ahhaha.
  3. My sig is adorable though
  4. You should put a danish as your sig to annoy robstar hahah
  5. Well........I am not writing it here lol
  6. now I'm just super, super curious!
  7. Oh it isn't that bad lol
    It is just..Guys and their minds lol
  8. that stuff could be written in pm's if it's not to embarrassing.
  9. Hahaha
    Well, i laugh, i fall up and down stairs lol I tell people i love them and people think i will cry...
    Also i do stuff, i don't wanna write on a page that all can see lol
  10. Just a little. hahah Just a little. I'm curious how do you act when your drunk?
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